We believe in...


While on your property, on the road, or in our own personal life, safety always comes first.


Always adhering to what is right, we provide all our services with full honesty & transparency.  

...Higher Standards

We set our services to a higher standard. We want you to feel proud about choosing us for your landscape.

...Being Customer Focused

Communication is key. We are always available for you. Whether you have a question or just want to chat about your landscape, we're here for you.

...Being Reliable

We earn your trust by consistently delivering high-quality services and always showing up on the scheduled date/ time for your property.

Our story

Luis Fuentes, Owner-Operator

My interest in the outdoors began at a very young age. When Saturday mornings came, I remember immediately following my mom & dad outside and helping around the yard in any way I could. Whether it was carrying tiny branches to the trash or “pushing” the lawnmower all by myself, working outside sparked joy in me that I still feel to this day.

As I got a little older I was excited to visit job sites with my dad.  For over 20 years my dad worked for a custom home landscape contractor. I went to work with my dad on the weekends to help load wheelbarrows with mulch for the crews. I can proudly say that even as a kid I contributed to many residential landscape projects in The Woodlands, Gleannloch Farms and surrounding areas. I was a teenager when my dad decided to start his own business. I was excited because I saw it as an opportunity to contribute all I could to the new family business.

While always helping my dad with his business, I was fortunate to hold positions in the Houston Zoo's Horticulture department, as well as management for the nation's largest landscape company that allowed me to further expand my knowledge.

I always had a desire in the back of my mind to create my own lawn and landscape company. In 2015, I moved to Klein, TX and after so many years of being in & around the green industry I took a leap of faith and created my own business in my new community. 

At Lawns & Landscapes, we have a few fundamental beliefs that guide how we operate, conduct business, and deliver the final product at your home. We strive to be more than just your average Joe with a lawnmower in the back of a truck.

Over the years what began as a young kid’s interest has turned into my career. I love working outdoors, the smell of fresh-cut grass & mulch, and above all, helping customers with their lawn and landscape needs. I continue to help my dad with his business, this time in exchange for help with mine.

When I'm not busy maintaining landscapes, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing with my daughter who also loves the outdoors, and volunteering with Klein Fire Department Station 3.