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Our hassle-free, worry-free services allow you to spend your valuable time on what you enjoy most. We offer convenient and dependable services while you enjoy peace of mind!   

Lawn Mowing


Our work for your home begins even before arriving at your home. Our walk-behind mowers minimize the weight load on your lawn during service. We clean, inspect, & maintain our mowers on a regular basis to bring only the best equipment onto your lawn and avoid spreading fungus and insects. Our mower blades are sharpened weekly for a fresh clean-cut look after every service. 

Lawn Edging


For a gorgeous crisp look, we use a metal blade edger along sidewalks, driveways and all concrete edges. Repeated use of line trimmers along concrete edges can cause unsightly dirt gaps due to the grass being tore rather than sharply cut. We DO NOT use line trimmers along concrete edges, rather we use edgers that cut the grass for a nice clean-cut finish. 

Line Trimming


Do we use line trimmers? Of course we do! We use line trimmers horizontally along the perimeter of the home's foundation & fence lines and vertically along flower bed & tree ring edges to replicate clean crisp edges and maintain neatly separated bed and lawn areas. 



After all the mowing, edging and line trimming, we finish everything off by blowing all surfaces clean. This is the final touch to leave everything dust-free, leaf-free and debris-free, achieving a clean & neat manicured appearance over your entire landscape, including driveways, sidewalks, patios and of course the lawn and beds. 

Hand-pulling weeds w/ roots


Using a specialized handheld sickle with a serrated blade we dig/ pull any weed with its root in one rapid swoop! We make sure the roots come out to prevent the weeds from growing back so quickly. We avoid using herbicide around plants and restrict limited use of herbicide to rocky & hardscape areas where we will not harm intended vegetation. 

Professional Trimming & Pruning


All plants & trees are unique! Knowing what, when, and how to trim is important. Whether it's a shrub, ornamental grass, or Crepe Myrtle, we make sure the trimming does not harm the plant's health and the overall aesthetic goal is achieved.    

Mulch Installation


Mulch does great things for your beds! When properly applied, mulch can help moderate soil temperature and retain soil moisture, as well as aid in suppressing quick weed growth. If that’s not enough, mulch will give your beds a clean, fresh look. We ensure a consistent level is properly applied throughout entire bed areas, at the ideal thickness to avoid pile/ mound buildups.  

Enhancements/ Seasonal Color


Want to remove from or add to your existing landscape? We can help with that! Whether it’s rock or stone, colorful flowers, additional plants or trees, privacy hedges (AMAZING privacy hedges), retaining walls, patios, bed borders, or anything else you can think of, we can help!  

Seasonal Clean-ups


Spring and Fall clean-ups are the most common but any time of the year your landscape is in need of a little TLC, we're here for you. Don't need all services at the same time? No problem! We can customize any service to fit your budgets and needs.  

Creative Designs


It's an art and we love to let our creativity spark! Our extensive experience has allowed us to mix the perfect amount of creativity and functionality. We create gorgeous landscapes that work in harmony with their surrounding environment.  

Landscape Construction


From start to finish we maintain constant communication about the project with you. We use high-quality materials, and our unequaled quality & cleanliness standards allows us to achieve a seamless execution & deliver the best results.

Drainage Solutions


Not all drainage issues require a pipe. We'll assess your drainage troubles and recommend the most functional & cost-effective solution for your property's drainage. Our drain systems are engineered to divert excessive amounts of water from unwanted areas. 

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